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  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.05.12

    Bike parking space ruling unlikely to ‘squeeze out’ cars

    May 12, 2018

    The full article can be found in The Straits Times, Home Section, Page B12, 12 May 2018. ZACD Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, Nicholas Mak said, “From a developer’s point of view, they look at the specific clientele for the project. For retail spaces like malls, carpark spaces are very important for shoppers. With […]

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.05.10

    新私宅项目纷纷登场 发展商趁6月学校假期前吸引买家

    May 10, 2018

    楼市走势良好, 不少发展商趁势推出新私宅项目, 包括位于实龙岗北的The Garden Residences、加东一带的Amber 45,以及女皇镇地区的Margaret Ville。武吉巴督的心乐轩(Le Quest)下周末即将推出第二阶段的新单位。 现在距离年中学校假期还有约两个星期,通常学校假期时期家长会带孩子出国游玩,私宅销售会比较淡静。所以发展商都希望赶在假期前推出项目,勾起潜在买家的兴趣。近期一些项目反应热销,以及接下来的市场竞争会更激烈,这将促使发展商赶在其他竞争者前头推出项目,以取得先行优势。 点击此处阅读全文。

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.05.10

    SRX:连续两个月走低 非有地私宅租金4月下滑0.9%

    May 10, 2018

    我国整体非有地私宅租金指数算是稳定下来,最快或在下个月触底回弹。SRX租金预估数据显示, 4月份指数从今年首四个月的108.2下滑到108.1。 组屋租金方面,4月份整体组屋租金环比上扬0.4%。三房式组屋租金上扬0.4%、四房式组屋租金上扬0.3%、五房式组屋租金上扬0.2%,而公寓式组屋租金则下跌1.5%。以目前组屋租金的情况来推测,租金指数将在第二季或今年底触底回弹。 点击此处阅读全文。

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.05.09

    SRX:4月份指数再创新高 非有地私宅转售价上扬0.6%

    May 9, 2018

    SRX私宅转售预估数据显示,我国整体转售价指数从去年8月开始攀高,从171.3上扬至上个月的184.5。今年首四个月转售价已上扬5.4%,与去年同期相比高出9.4%。随着集体出售市场的活跃及情绪改善,接下来的12个月非有地私宅转售价预测会继续攀高。 整体非有地私宅转售单位数量在4月份环比下跌1.7%至1360个单位,同比则增加26.9%。同2010年4月的峰值相比,整体转售交易量下挫33.7%。不少公寓成功集体出售或在求售中,造成可出售的单位数量减少。接下来的交易量增幅不会与转售价幅度同步,并预计今年交易量介于1万1000个至1万4000个单位。 点击此处阅读全文。

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.05.09

    Singapore Condo Resale Prices Up 0.6% In April; Volume Dips 1.7%: SRX Property

    May 9, 2018

    The full article can be found in The Business Times, Real Estate Section, Page 13, 9 May 2018. Condominium resale prices reached 12-month high in April 2018, where prices increased by 5.4 per cent in the first four months of the year and 9.5 per cent higher as compared to last year. Resale prices of […]

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.05.09

    Elias Green Condo Targeting En Bloc

    May 9, 2018

    The full article can be found in The Business Times, Top Stories Section, Page 4, 9 May 2018. Another condominium in Pasir Ris is jumping on the collective sale bandwagon with an asking price of S$780 million. Completed in 1994, the 516,877 sq ft development, Elias Green Condominium, consists of 419 units and has a […]

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.04.03

    Hillview Rise GLS tender close with 9 bids

    May 3, 2018

    Exclusively written by SLP Research & Consultancy Dept. Thursday, 3 May 2018 The tender for the condominium development site located along Hillview Rise closed on 3 May 2018. The site has a land area of 14,296 sqm and can yield a maximum Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 40,030 sqm. This development site could yield about […]

  • 2018.04.29_01

    Fewer Parking Spaces? Possible Changes to The Parking Places Act (PPA)

    April 30, 2018

    As Singapore moves towards becoming a ‘car-lite society’, the Land Transport Authority has proposed an amendment to the Parking Places Act (PPA) to reduce the number of car parks. This may affect the way Singaporeans live, work and play. Private developments in future “car-lite precincts” may also have less available parking, but more connectivity to […]

  • SLP-Newsroom_Website_2018.04.17

    Should Condominium Owners Be Allowed to Rent Out their Apartments Airbnb-Style?

    April 18, 2018

    Authorities are calling for public feedback on a list of suggestions that could open doors to allow for short-term property rentals among condominium owners. Among the suggestions proposed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), is an 80 per cent consent rule among owners of the property, with 90 days capped on rental period and a […]

  • aadadasdasdsad

    SLP Scotia Signs MoU with TC Property Group

    April 12, 2018

    SLP Scotia Pte Ltd and Thailand Real Estate Agency, TC Property Group Co.,Limited signs the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yesterday (11 April 2018). Held at SO Sofitel Bangkok, Thailand, this MoU signing brings Thailand properties and investment opportunities to Singapore and provides more overseas projects for our agents to market. With that, our clients in […]

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